Month: March 2014

My 40 Best Albums of All Time Automatic for the People R.E.M. (1992) Brothers in Arms DIRE STRAITS (1985) Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band THE BEATLES (1967) Achtung Baby U2 (1991) The Stone Roses THE STONE ROSES (1989) Graceland PAUL SIMON (1986) The Joshua Tree U2(1987) Let It Be THE BEATLES (1970) Definitely Maybe OASIS (1994) Nevermind NIRVANA (1991) (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? OASIS (1995) Monster R.E.M. (1994) Different Class PULP (1995) The Beatles (The White Album) THE BEATLES (1968) […]

Someone said if I looked hard at the sun, you’d be there. but the vision has been a kaleidoscope… ….haze..daze…hallucinogenic… so I waited till I sobered up, because I thought reality would be a prism of colour. But I was wrong. I see nothing. The sleeping pill has dreamt itself out. I’ve woken up now […]

So if I were knee deep in a river of passion you’d think I’d be scared of the torrents and run? Maybe I am scared. But if I have undressed and am naked I might as well bathe. Let the river carry me where it will Let it rise, let it flow, let it gush […]