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“Why Colombia?” was a question I was often asked by friends when I first mentioned that I would be going there.  A few of them raised their eyebrows and gave me a supposedly ‘knowing wink’. (This confused me, since I couldn’t figure out the suggestion in the wink, or what it was I was supposed […]

I wasn’t sure if I had walked out of a reverie Paul Simon’s National guitar was riffing off the radio as Kerouac whispers to me words bummed in my head The long, long road dropped into the Death Valley California Route 190, Mojave Desert I wasn’t sure if it was Hemingway who said this but it […]

March 28, 2009. Abu Dhabi, UAE A streak of lightning zig-zags a damp Middle Eastern sky. I have been in a daze for several days, black and blue from pinches just to make sure that I am actually awake and experiencing all this in the present continuum of space and time. I shake my head […]