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In the 2006 novel The Road by Cormac McCarthy, a father and son spend their days walking through a harrowing post-apocalyptic landscape foraging for any edible remnants left over from an untold disaster that went before. A lucky day for them would be when they come across a tin of preserved food in a long-abandoned […]

Michael Stipe and Kurt Cobain Freddie Mercury, Barack Hussein, Jack Kerouac, Kahlil Gibran, Oscar Wilde and Obi Wan,   Om Kolthoum, Naguib Mahfouz, Rumi, Khayyam and Amos Oz, Lennon, McCartney, Charles Darwin Tank Man, Hitchens, James Baldwin,   Nelson Mandela, Thomas Sankara, Pablo Neruda, Che Guevara, Carol Ann Duffy and Angelou This, my heroes, is […]

The tide is perennial, My heart sincere, Icarus, he fell apart under the ozone layer. The unrequited handshake the disappointed tear. All wings were not meant for flying   Make-believe is amorphous, big dreams disappear, Mercutio, he fell down on his own frontier, The infected heartache, The suffocated prayer. Most hopes have a habit of […]

This is not an English port, but it has a point. Air full of humid, history and salt and sky full of weather this isn’t just a sea, son it is the holy water of hope where we come to be cleansed from the fickleness of  life drink – drink but never forget this is […]

Now here’s the real story, tailored and spun like the emperor’s yarn for no one to hear he said, who said, a synopsis she made a scarecrow in the yard to keep the coast clear you’ve put on too much weight, one of them wrote, the people I know that you know but who won’t […]

waking is a curse it strips away the wizard’s curtain and opens your eye   this dream, this dream, to dance in the steps of conformity, drink away the blissful waters of Lethe   there are no Edens on the quester’s path, no bowls of milk for the cats who see through kings These are […]

I remember the last time they made me listen to the haunting rhythm of life I heard the purposeful staccato syncopation of your grandfather’s swan song vhoop vhoop vhoop Can you hear it, the sonographer asks now but I was instead coiled in a stupor, like sitting at The Hatter’s table in several layers of […]

Now again I remember you capacious, the smile, Hammersmith & City a woollen scarf, the colours of Autumn eyes beaming like the sunshine from a film where’re you from? you asked   my coffee spills, big lady pushing at Euston Square it’s alright you said, laughing nervously Press pause. Rewind. I will evoke this on […]

It’s a sunny day in Camden, and I walk with a gait like a star in a play there’s a song playing somewhere, I think it is Blondie from back in the day I know all the words, it’s a song I could write but never reveal so I hide in the tune, thoughts that […]

I’m the devil with the horns and this is the pain in my eyes look, look   I am done with forgiveness I would like to pierce you deeply, one more time before I go before your friends applaud as you kill me for the last time come, let us dance then matador in a […]

Someone said if I looked hard at the sun, you’d be there. but the vision has been a kaleidoscope… ….haze..daze…hallucinogenic… so I waited till I sobered up, because I thought reality would be a prism of colour. But I was wrong. I see nothing. The sleeping pill has dreamt itself out. I’ve woken up now […]

So if I were knee deep in a river of passion you’d think I’d be scared of the torrents and run? Maybe I am scared. But if I have undressed and am naked I might as well bathe. Let the river carry me where it will Let it rise, let it flow, let it gush […]

I wasn’t sure if I had walked out of a reverie Paul Simon’s National guitar was riffing off the radio as Kerouac whispers to me words bummed in my head The long, long road dropped into the Death Valley California Route 190, Mojave Desert I wasn’t sure if it was Hemingway who said this but it […]

Even with perfect hindsight we would properly make a sumptuous mess given all the years again a cat-and-mouse painting of delightful colour an elixir of youth to be drunk slowly, and then lived as we did, we pleasure seeking lotus-eaters venturing for energy and acceptable gods and then sending wish-you-were-here postcards over the hills and […]

I loved you, so I allowed madness take the heart to its furthest bounds to take the beatings and tempests that were the fruits of this desire and then release you little bird, to follow the mirage of peace that you seek, to the furthest cloud where perhaps you might see that what I had […]

They seem smaller goals now Kilimanjaro and Batian like the gods we made in our image a dozen years away from the college dreamers who would flag peaks and keeps paths open virile hopes preaching ambition, reaping the wind of a thousand hills but we don’t talk anymore our glittering successes just plastic mounts for […]

Poetry is the sea when it washes ashore a furtive whisper, I write of it my only love but ask me not anymore The sea hides in her bosom many lives–fishes and red coral- bloody wars of ripping sharks and hidden treasures, eels and darkness enchanting creatures and violent storms the sea steals, the sea […]

April 8 I would have called you today and it would have been usual the houses, the tenants, the things you did that I should never do have you heard from your brother? he’s fine ask him to call a silence would follow, a deep hollow silence that is now a labyrinth I go into in search […]

In the dark of night you wished hard to be naught content with your comfortable options in mediocrity my love irrelevant, my words superfluous how strange it felt, how strange   In the narrative of love, I have bled to dot having lost the battles in the war for reciprocity my love redundant, my loss […]

I want to let you know that it’s your fault that I never paid attention to your piano lessons. You hushed the boy’s words and never heard his dream. ‘Learn your key movements’, ‘raise your palms silly boy’, ‘practice the piece on page 76 till you can play it without looking.’ Boring boring boring.   […]

They’re at it again, like chokoras with misspelled placards making trouble, did you see them? We were driving to go pay for the licence at City Hall and I had to roll up the car window I was sooo scared They were sooo wild shouting like raving loonies That’s why I hate going to the […]