I’m the devil with the horns

and this is the pain in my eyes

look, look


I am done with forgiveness

I would like to pierce you deeply, one

more time before I go

before your friends applaud as you

kill me for the last time

come, let us dance then matador

in a frenzied faena in which we have turned and turned

a trance of blame and regrets

I want to make it beautiful, the slaughter of Taurus

the rhythm of life and hurting, of pleasures and death

like the southern dancer twirling her fingers in the air

stamping her feet for the audience, clack, clack, clack


the only music here is silence

me, you, and the story we won’t tell


their roar is not for us

they are not clapping for you

the sabre you hold, it kills the killer, is what it does


lift up your sword

I am ready for you matador

I’m your bull and this is my shit


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