The Waltz of Spring

It’s a sunny day in Camden, and I

walk with a gait like a star in a play

there’s a song playing somewhere, I think it is Blondie from back in the day

I know all the words, it’s a song I could write but never reveal

so I hide in the tune,

thoughts that I know I have to conceal

I have conquered the winter, I have

learnt how to shine like a flaring flame

I jump on red buses, I have learnt how to shimmy at the sound of my name

You ask if I’m happy

I am singing the ode of the man I still am


I am dancing in Vauxhall, I am the

charming man in Morrissey’s song

I laugh like a mad man, there’s a never a track that I ever got wrong

I know all the words, I grew up being clever so they never would see

now I hide in the verse

of someone else’s poem that’s almost like me

I have made it to Spring, I have

learnt how to walk without holding your hand

I sleep in green parks, I am the man in the video between shots of the band

You ask if I’m happy

I am reaping the wind for as long as I can


There’s a party in Chelsea, I’m a friend of

host so I dress to the nines

I am writing a poem, but I’m placing the truth between phrases and lines

I know all the words, I could write you a thesis of Lennon and Freud

but I hide in the script

the prospects of loss that I have to avoid

I will make to Summer, I have

learnt to accept that everything’s fine

I follow white rabbits, down the tube at the station to the end of the line

You ask if I’m happy

I’ve just pickled my heart and stored it in brine


It’s a beehive in Brixton, and I am

flying the swarm with other misfits like me

there’s a chorus of soldiers, I think it’s The Killers or maybe just Keane

I know all the words, I know what they mean, I know how they feel

now I hide in vocations

to plaster the wounds I never could heal

I am a man of the season, I have

learnt how to waltz, waiting in vain

I joke with black cabbies; I am crossing the Thames, then I cross it again

You ask if I’m happy

I’m that line in the song that you never explain.

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