Hammersmith & City

Now again I remember you

capacious, the smile, Hammersmith & City

a woollen scarf, the colours of Autumn

eyes beaming like the sunshine from a film

where’re you from? you asked


my coffee spills, big lady pushing at Euston Square

it’s alright you said, laughing nervously

Press pause. Rewind.

I will evoke this on another day

By Great Portland Street you had told me your name

Ah, interesting, I mutter at something you mention

I can only see lips, vast, like all the future I will fill this by

hope, jest, a gentle rush wakes from hibernation, love, something,

unripened, like an adolescent flutter.

Commuters sitting opposite us, staring

the shake of the train swinging us to sweet hypnosis

I think you laughed at a joke you’d

heard before


I change lines at the next stop

So do I, I said

voluminous, the space in my heart that wanted you suck you in

to fill the empty gaps

a short rail of possibilities

will I see you again?


but I didn’t ask that question


Goodbye, you said, Edgware Road

Goodbye, I said

I climbed out to the rain. A thousand rushing strangers.

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