Blankets & Indifference

They’re at it again, like chokoras with misspelled placards

making trouble, did you see them? We were driving

to go pay for the licence at City Hall and I had to roll up the car window

I was sooo scared

They were sooo wild

shouting like raving loonies

That’s why I hate going to the CBD, City Hall should open outlets

in Galleria, Junction, Village Market and Westgate

the CBD is just a no-go zone with these protesters every day

and thugs everywhere

and then god- those pictures, I was horrified!

how could they do that?

ati they are being beaten by police? who’s tweeting that?

let me see- ah, have you seen this, Angelina Jolie

has had a mastectomy, and both of them, haya, wow


Look buddy, it’s about image, sip, you have to dress in a certain way, sip,

and only hang out where the biggies go, pause

You want them to notice, but you don’t want them to know that

you want them to notice, so you feign indifference, pour some more

Have you seen my watch? Have you seen my shoes?

We got these during our honeymoon, sip, Mauritius, raise eyebrows

oh, you haven’t been? You should go, it’s not even so expensive these

days, sip, I know a travel agent.

People killed where? sip. Bungoma? sip. Kwani what’s happening?

I say, insecurity is getting bad, sip. I thought the president has given them

more money, pause, so you think Alonso will win again in Monaco? raise a glass

You know, one of these days I have to go for these things, sip


Girl, I love that dress, and pole, I heard about bro

he should stop joining those people

we can’t change these things by writing and shouting, and you heard the minister

it’s all going to be good, we have oil now, and minerals, tourists, investors

in a short while all those poor people will have jobs and whatever they want

look, we all feel for them, we are Christians also, but this

noise making will just cause problems for every one

and we need peace, sio?

Call that paparazzi guy- you,

Let’s pose for a snap, hang on you, that’s not my good side,

Sasa, bring him to Church, we’ll ask the pastor to have a word with him,

And I love your nails, where do you go?


I’m sorry but we can’t be associated with you

It’s bad for business and share prices

this human rights thing, well, look, let’s build a school instead

but when you hit government you hit us

we do safety and comfort rights, so let’s

do something for a sick child, or dig a well, we’ll all clap hands

we’ll call the media, we’re good people

don’t scratch the veneer


Floods? Where? Wrong tribe

Red Cross watakwenda

Hebu put back the tennis, it’s Nadal who’s about to flood

out Federer, ha ha, give me 5


Darling, we’re getting late, by the time

we get there it’ll be packed with

those new-money kids all laid out like blankets & swine, and you know

I like my favourite spot, what are you watching now?

Ah- leave these crazy civil society and their nonsense alone

If they get killed they asked for it

Why can’t they look at the bright side of life?

Why can’t they look at us?

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