Heroes Head

Michael Stipe and Kurt Cobain

Freddie Mercury, Barack Hussein,

Jack Kerouac, Kahlil Gibran,

Oscar Wilde and Obi Wan,


Om Kolthoum, Naguib Mahfouz,

Rumi, Khayyam and Amos Oz,

Lennon, McCartney, Charles Darwin

Tank Man, Hitchens, James Baldwin,


Nelson Mandela, Thomas Sankara,

Pablo Neruda, Che Guevara,

Carol Ann Duffy and Angelou

This, my heroes, is one for you


Salman Rushdie and Hemingway,

Marquez, Chomsky, MLK,

Achebe, Marley, Malcolm X

Dylan, Bowie, Butler Yeats


William Shakespeare and R. Tagore

Edward Said, and many more,

Here’s my head, and here’s a hero

Man Utd 3 Liverpool 0

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