Telling Me Things I Know

I sat with you sleepy eyed

You’re telling me about something

Yes, I’m listening.

Yes, I am listening.


So you tell me about your aching heart.

Tell me life’s unfair.

Life is bitter and life is sour.

And, boy, you’ve had your share.


You get up and go to the restroom. .

Remember to flush.

Then come and tell me how life smells.


I don’t mind

lending you my ear.

But I know boy.

I know what you’re saying

And behind this face of mine you see

is a broken and interrupted piece of prose.


So here’s to the future.

Let’s make a toast to that.

And here’s to tears

Here’s to the next one to crush our hearts

And spit on our faces.

To forevers and nevers,

and that other thing you said.


You get up and go to the restroom again.

Then come and tell me how what goes in eventually comes out.


Swear to me

Make me promise

To always be your friend.

Tell me that people change.

How nothing lasts forever.

Say, love hurts, that I’ll know when I get there.


I would have said something, nodded, or smiled

but I’ve no energy right now

I’m sleepy,

and I already know.

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