All Farewells Should Be Sudden

All farewells should be sudden

immediate, impromptu and quick

none of that unwarranted deluge of emotion,

unnecessary party expenses,

or that uninvited realisation that we are, after all, dispensable


Farewells need never be announced

lest they come with oh so pitiful remorse

Why so soon? We’d only just begun to like you

We’d only just begun to realise why you were here at all.


All farewells should be reported abruptly,

like the breaking news of nothing in particular

swift and casual, calm and composed.

No long winded last minute we’re going to miss you.

No till-we-meet-again send-off’s.

Nothing to hold you back, or make you leave a bit of yourself.

One has to go whole and new.

No shackles of the past, no I’ll-be-back’s,

Just plain and simple,

It was nice knowing you. Goodbye. Have a nice life.

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