Happy is a Label at the back of your Coat

History’s a tale somebody was told

Wisdom are teeth that grow when we’re old

Age is just a number, of stone and ice

Truth is so boring, we’d rather the lies


We worship our hopes, that we call God

Peace is a state at the edge of a sword

Life is a house that hasn’t a door

They give it to you and you wonder what for


Jail is a corner on a Monopoly board

Wealth is a future you cannot afford

Tax is the money you give to the rich

Death is an ocean as life is a beach


Scripture is a collection of popular myth

Letters are tiles you’re scrabbling with

Everything they taught you is probably wrong

Love’s all you need, and thus says a song


Size doesn’t matter, it just gets you the girl

Fidelity is a port at the end of the world

Success is a car that your neighbour has bought

That’s not what you want, because you’re a goat


Good girls are androids, they do as they’re told

Fashion’s a statement that says that you’re sold

The future’s expired as it waited too long

You can do as we do but you’ll never belong


Don’t worry they say, be happy and give

Repeat after me, until you believe

Church is a cottage for a weekend retreat

Give us your money, but stay with your wit.


School is a hall where you sit an exam

They teach you for years on how to be dumb

Good boys are clean, they resist and refrain

Use lessons we taught you, but never your brain


True love waits for cobwebs to grow

Patience’s a virtue, and you are a bore

Of course you’re not lonely, except you’re alone

Life is a wind, blink twice, and it’s gone

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