No Added Sugar

Sometimes it’s not so sweet,

But to squeeze any more would taste like lemon

I’m not always so nice, I know,

But look, I saved your number, and your birthday,

And between sips of water I say your name.

Coriander is my favourite herb.


Life is a broth brewing with disappointment,

Take it, with a pinch of salt.

Better my truth, with mint and ice cubes

on a hot day.

This is my best,

Pour it in a glass bowl and stir in some water,

It’s the most honest I could ever get.

Feta cheese in salad can do wonders.


It’s more than love because it’s not packaged.

It is not usual, it is odd. It is difficult.

Sweet, sour, bitter, often times tasteless.

That’s just me.

No added sugar.


Cover with cling-on plastic and marinade in the fridge overnight.

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